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Monday Powday Report (on Tuesday)

A look at the Weekend Winners & Next Week’s Place to Be

Starting on the East Coast, we got rain... and flooding.... which is why this report is again on Tuesday. Not all is lost as snow is falling as of this posting.

The winner as predicted was Alyeska who kept the snow accumulating through the weekend to bring about 2 feet more of the white stuff over Saturday and Sunday.

It was really slim pickings in the rest of the U.S.


However, Friday Night blessed one New Mexico resort with a nice foot of snow for their opening day.  


Angel Fire Resort

It was a happy opening day for this southwest resort.

Of course, it was happy.  I mean who doesn’t love a foot of fresh to start the day?

I am sure a lot of you are wondering where is Angel Fire Resort?  New Mexico isn’t a state that screams great skiing and snowboarding.  

This beautiful resort is nestled up into the Northeast corner of the state.  Its definitely not the most accessible but certainly the most scenic.  

Angel Fire Resort is three hours, plus, from Albuquerque, NM and it’s international airport.  It’s over 2 hours from the next closest city, Santa Fe.    You can book a shuttle from these airport cities that will take you up to the resort.  


You can live like the rich and famous, booking a flight right into the resort town.  If you are staying at the resort property, The private jet service is available through JSX.  It’s a private jet but at business class costs.  

Next Week’s Powder

South resorts win again next weekend into the holiday.

A very merry time indeed. White Christmas, here we come.

You have recipient resorts like the fellow New Mexico resort of Taos, Utah’s Brian Head, and Southern Colorado’s Wolf Creek and Telluride.

Taos would make a very festive resort to visit for Christmas.  There is always something a bit magical about Taos and the holiday spirit along with fresh snow blanketing the slopes, is magical times 100.  

They have some great package deals, one of my favorites is The Blake Experience Ski Week.  With this deal you get 5 nights at The Blake, 5 days of skiing with lessons and demo rentals.  

For those Flying into Santa Fe,  there is about an 1 and a half drive to the town of Taos and another 30 min drive up to the resort.  You can also use the JSX to fly to the Taos airport and there are free local shuttle services to the resort and Taos Ski Valley.

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