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Tuesday Powday Report

A look at the Weekend Winners & Next Week’s Place to Be


The 2024 New Season Begins for this report on Tuesday January 2nd!  

The holidays at the end of 2023 graced us with little to no snow in the US.

Europe has been the big winner this year, scoring with lots of accumulation throughout December and the trend continues.

This weekend, the US did have some resorts that received snow as they passed out of ’23 and into ’24.  

This past weekend’s winner?  It’s in the Mid-Atlantic of all places!


Seven Springs Resort

7 inches of accumulation this weekend at 7Springs Resort.

This resort is a snowy miracle.

They seem to always get snow, even when the rest of the region struggles.  (Thank you, lake effect?)  

This week they beat out New England resorts…

Growing up, I spent weekends at this Western Pennsylvania resort.  Its about 58 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.  The Nations’ Capital, Washington, DC.  and Baltimore, MD residents can be at this resort within 3.5 hours.  

It is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Like most eastern resorts, what this mountain lacks in elevation and skiable acreage, it makes up for with stellar terrain parks and slope design.

The terrain parks (and they manage to throw in a few) have features for every level of rider/skier.  The biggest draw, however, is the half pipe AND super pipe this resort works so tirelessly to provide for their guests.

Foggy Goggle and other resort amenities.

While this resort is now part of the Vail Resort/Epic Pass conglomerate, it was once privately owned.  The European Alps vibe permeates the feel of this resort.

The main lodge/hotel manages to incorporate a bowling alley, roller skating, indoor pool, mini-golf, arcade, hair salon, souvenir shops, and multiple restaurants, all in one building!

Foggy Goggle… An on mountain hang out, where après and live events come together.  This place is the ultimate spot for those who like a little fun between runs.  Combine this place with a little night skiing and you have one fun party time.  


Next Week’s Powder

This upcoming week is a bit more difficult to pick just one place as January ‘24 is on tap to bring so many, many areas snow.  


And boy do we need snow…It’s a one-two punch of storms that will hit the west coast and travel down into Wyoming and Colorado before winding its way over to the east coast.  

These next two weeks will be amazing wherever you call your local mountain.  I just hope we keep the trend going…

We all know this will be a great start, but for conditions, like tree skiing, to be epic, we will need to keep the snow train rolling.

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