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Tuesday Powder Report

A look at the Weekend Winners & Next Week’s Place to Be


Well Saturday and Sunday for all of the United States had BLUE BIRD days!

Sun and Snow= Killer Weekend.

The only exception was Alyeska who received around 16” of snow through the weekend.

Ah, but we have already covered that beautiful, heavenly, powder day destination.

Well, Now we focus on Europe. There was some nice accumulations at this destination.  It’s a bucklist place for me.


Chamonix, France

For many, this place is iconic.  It’s where the rich and famous vacation.  It is most likely to show up on a James Bond Film.  We picture ourselves in a Bogner outfit, spending time sunning ourselves.

This resort feels like expensive champagne.

Yet, this is also the home to some of the most challenging alpine terrain.  Skilled skiers and riders visit here for the thrill of steep pitches and intimidating backcountry terrain.  The ever melting glacier still carves out the landscape as it moves.  

The world freeride circuit often culminates in the peaks of Chamonix, and for good reason.

The most intimidating for me is the elevation change.  When I visited, the Gondola, taking you up to the slopes from the village center was truly terrifying in the rate it changed elevation to reach the peaks of Chamonix.

The beauty of Chamonix, however, cannot be denied.

The resort is massive.  They have 78 lifts, 16 beginner runs, 88 intermediate and advanced runs, and 17 expert runs.

You can see, this resort is best experienced if you have intermediate to advanced skiing and riding skills.  

My favorite part of this village is the food.  Especially the hotdog restaurant called Cool Cats.  You just have to go and experience this place firsthand.  It’s street food at it’s finest.  Tucked in amongst the swanky pubs and bistros, this place serves up food that will feel so satisfying after a day negotiating the terrain of the French Alps.  

As for places to stay, I recommend the Chalet Hotel Le Castel.  It has nicely appointed rooms, beautiful balcony views of Mont Blanc, and is close to the lifts and public transportation (should you choose not to walk to the village center).  It also is a bit more budget friendly without sacrificing comfort.  


Next Week’s Powder

The west is scheduled to get hit this coming weekend with lots of snow!  

Feet of Accumulation!

But where exactly?  

Your best bets are Montana, Utah, and Western Colorado.  

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that many Cascade and Sierra resorts have been getting fantastic snow.  Lucky for them, it happens midweek and that means blue bird weekends to enjoy the powder.

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