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Tuesday Powder Report

A look at the Weekend Winners & Next Week’s Place to Be

Holy Storm Batman!

The West Coast received a ton of POW this weekend.

While the West were "shovels at the ready", the East coast resorts were served up BS temperatures and inches of fresh mud.

The only precipitation came from crying into our beers.

The place that received the most snow this weekend? Let's just say this place is a bit more modern than the 1800s so parties don't have people on the menus.

Donner Pass/ Lake Tahoe

Interstate 80 rolls just North of Lake Tahoe, heading up over the Sierra Mountains using the same path as the Donner Party of 81 people in October of 1846.

They were trapped late October by a storm not much different from this weekend's system. It took the entire winter and many failed attempts to get through the pass before they were ultimately rescued.

41 died and some survivors resorted to cannibalism.

It was this very weekend back in 1847 that the 2nd group of 10 rescuers from Bear Valley arrived at what is now Donner Lake. On April 29th 1847, the last survivor from the Donner Party was rescued from the pass.

Heavenly Powder

This weekend the area that covers the resorts of Soda Springs, Sugar Bowl, Boreal, Tahoe Donner, Palisades, and Homewood, received 89+" of snow.

7 1/2 feet of snow!

With that said, there is a sizeable chance most of these resorts were closed (at least Sunday) to shovel all that snow.

The winds were pretty brutal, too, as the storm progressed. It was wise to stay at home.

Yesterday, however....

POWDAY of EPIC proportions.

Good thing we live in 2024 and not 1847.

Next Week's Powder

The Northwest is gearing up for next weekend to bless the slopes with major snow accumulations too.

Baker, Bachelor, and Shasta have great chances according to forecast predictions.

The Northeast can maybe quit crying in their beer for a bit. The tail end of the weekend forecasts a few inches of snow.

Hopefully, New England will have some snow left on the ground by then. Otherwise, we will be starting to cry into something stronger, like Bourbon.

Miracle March has arrived out West at least.

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