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Wine Wednesday

Weekly Highlight of the World’s Best Wineries


The world is full of wineries.  New vineyards and vintners arrive on the scene every year.  Travel to these esteemed properties give wine lovers a wide variety of places to visit.

How do you choose the wineries to visit?  

This blog series will highlight a wonderful winery from around the globe each week.  How many of these fabulous establishments will be added to your travel bucket list?

The first winery that combines whimsy and Spanish varietal wines is Twisted Oak Winery in Vallecito, California.



In the foothills of Calaveras County, just off of Route 4,  youfind yourself winding up a dirt road through vines marked with their grape varieties.  The green grasses of spring, before the summer sun kisses them in golden browns, holds more than just rows of vineyards.

Signs are everywhere.

These are no ordinary signs.  These are the very vibe of this beautiful winery.  The whimsical, let’s not take things too seriously, signs remind you to bring your sense of humor as well as a palate ready for wine tasting.  

And then you drive into a forest of rubber chickens hanging from trees.  Ah yes, this place is going to be fun.


What’s the Deal with Rubber Chickens?


Once you arrive at a gorgeous timber structure with large, medieval double doors at it’s entrance, there is a sense of a bit of fantastical.  

The tasting room’s gift shop showcases that fantastical with more signs, wine accessories and gifts for the home often with humorous sayings on them.  

One I took home shortly after my divorce was a sign saying, “My next husband will be normal”.

And of course, rubber chickens.  

There is also an alarming amount of pirate themed gifts… great if you get a chance to attend one of their pirate themed events.  Or if you just like pirates.

What about the Wine?


Ah, the wine…given the sun and warmth of this part of California, red varieties rule the day at this winery.  Spanish variatals dominate this wine collection.   Tempranillo, Verdlho, Torcido, and Graciano are all knockouts but it’s the blends that really shine.

The blends are all about whimsy and fun… and they are sure fun to drink too.  

We have the Murgatroyd,  Pig Stai, and *%#&! (AKA Potty mouth- both in white and red blends). Then there is the arguably best wine blend, The Spaniard, named for said character in Princess Bride.  

It is also not without mentioning the River Of Skulls,  theEnglish translation of El Rio De Las Calaveras.  This wine is 100% Mourvedre and is well balanced of acid, sugar, tannin, and alcohol.  

Where to Stay?


The winery does not have lodging but the quaint town of Murphy’s, California is just up the road a few miles.


The Victoria Inn is a lovely option for your stay and their restaurant, The V, is known for creative cocktails, local wines, and casually bougie food.  

Need a sweet treat after all that wine?  

JoMa’s Artisan Ice Cream continues the whimsical theme with flavors like Milli Vanilli (Vanilla), or Jiminy Cricket (Mint Chocolate Chip).  


 All in all, a trip to Twisted Oak Winery and nearby town of Murphy's will tickle your tastebuds and your funny bone.

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