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Wine Wednesday

Weekly Highlight of the World’s Best Wineries


The world is full of wineries.  New vineyards and vintners arrive on the scene every year.  Travel to these esteemed properties give wine lovers a wide variety of places to visit.

How do you choose the wineries to visit?  

This blog series will highlight a wonderful winery from around the globe each week.  How many of these fabulous establishments will be added to your travel bucket list?

This week we travel to Napa!

This winery was introduced to me by a friend whose husband was attending a conference at the Meritage Resort in Napa.  One of their wines became a favorite of Pope Francis.

Trinitas Cellars


The Trinitas Cellars Tasting Room is located within the Meritage Resort complex


The room itself is spacious and has the swank of a New York City cocktail lounge but the light airy feel of bright tall ceilings trimmed in pale wood.  

The middle of the room features a sizable circular bar for those who like to be sociable.  However, for the more introverted types, there are tables to taste your wine with a bit of privacy.


This is a relatively new winery started in 2002 by the Busch Family.  Faith has played a significant role in this winery as it has with the family.  

My absolute favorite wine of their collection also happens to be a Pope’s favorite as well.  

Their Cabernet Francis, made in the Knights Valley  of Sonoma County,  is a full bodied dry wine.  I love the richness and complexity of this wine from start to finish.

I guess Pope Francis did too.

On 2014, the winery founders presented the Pope with this wine and he must have really loved it, as they were honored to supply him with this wine through his Papacy.  Interesting enough, my first tasting was of both the 2013 and 2014 vintages.  I loved the roundness of the 2014 and purchased a bottle, of which I still have today.


So yes, I think I loved it too.

Meritage Resort


Trinitas is located within and is part of the Meritage Resort.  I highly recommend you stay at the resort, even if you plan on going to the surrounding Napa vineyards.  

This beautiful complex is surrounded by vineyards at the southern end of the Napa Valley.

Guests can walk on the trails through the vines and up the hill to the famous Grape Crusher statue.

 This sculpture is not only famous, but also gigantic.  It is the largest sculpture cast west of the Mississippi.


Not only is this resort gorgeous and well appointed, it is also dog friendly!  There is, like many resorts, a fee to have your dog stay with you.  However, they make you and your dog feel welcomed.  

When I stayed, they offered a doggie welcome basket, and the accommodations were no different than if I stayed sans the dog.  

We have all traveled with pets and felt as if we were given a room that seemed, shall we say, less than adequate.  I’ts as if we have some contagious disease and need to be hid from the rest of society.  

Not the Meritage Resort.  They do a wonderful job of making their guests, fido included, feel like royalty.  


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